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Welcome to the corporate home page of MOR Media International, Inc.

"Since 1987, your full-service radio programming, consulting, promotion, and entertainment company."
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The Country Oldies Show is the longest-running weekly radio program dedicated to Classic Country Music. Radio veteran host, Steve Warren, presents three hours of vintage country hits every week. This internationally syndicated program started in 1994 and welcomes new affiliates every week. Each hour contains 4 minutes of network and allows 4 minutes of local spots. 100% Barter. Easy weekly download using Dropbox. Contact

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Chinamerica Radio presents the top contemporary Chinese hit songs and singers in Mandarin and Cantonese 24/7. Since 2007, Chinamerica Radio has been the exclusive radio resource for the growing Chinese populations in the United States and internationally. Free to listen directly from our website, no registration required, and also from dozens of other Internet radio networks (Tune-In, AudioRealm, Shoutcast, etc.)

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MOR Media Radio Consulting. Lead consultant, Steve Warren brings six decades of radio experience to experienced and novice radio programmers by conducting Programming seminars, Public Speaking, Keynote addresses, talent training, and program development. Steve is the author of the best-selling publication on radio broadcasting "RADIO: The Book" (

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Radio, Theatre, Entertainment, Travel, Speaking, Interviews, more radio. He’s done it all. Here is the professional website for Radio Personality Steve Warren, Including a complete timeline of his career activities, jobs, events, people, and moments that shaped his professional profile, including a year-by-year timeline back to 1963. There are also photos and links to other aspects of his journey through broadcasting history. (

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In addition to his multi-generational time in radio, Steve Warren enjoys a fun, full home life and social circle. A recent New York City publication in Steve’s West Side neighborhood spent some time with him and got to dig a bit deeper into the things he appreciates and in which he spends his day-to-day life in New York. (


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